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If your school is affiliated with a med school, you can actually get the Essentials ($150) version of Epocrates free right now - they're doing a free offer for med students. Just make sure your account says you're a med student. http://www.epocrates.com/e/FreeforMedicalStudents2012/mobile


I think it varies from person to person what resource you'll find most helpful; my program was big on self directed learning, and part of that is figuring out what resources work best for you. I personally like Epocrates for rx questions and use a combination of the Current series and uptodate for clinical questions.

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I've got the free version of Epocrates, but I find myself using Medscape more. I'm just a cheapskate, but never found a good reason to pay for the non-free Epocrates. :-)


LOL, same here. I had the free epocrates during school but when i graduated and switched from windows mobile to android I got the medscape app and it does most if not all of the epocrates paid app.


Cheapskates UNITE!


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