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Married before PA school and how to afford it

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I am planning on being married before I started PA school this August 2022. Is anyone familiar with loan options through PA schools that I could get in order to pay for living expenses? I know students commonly live off of loans during school, but we will need enough for two people to live off of temporarily. Is anyone familiar with the process of this?

Thanks in advance. 

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I'd ask your school's financial office directly as they will be in the best position to help you. You'll have options between federal and private loans but the "cost of attendance" estimate provided by most schools is based on tuition + living expenses for one person. Plenty of people are married/partnered in grad school so your program should be able to give you good information.

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My school has a predetermined amount of school + living expenses that you can not go over. I was also running out of money on this and also tried to get a 3rd party loan. It was denied by third party since I apparently am not allowed to do both. Since those loans also have to go to the school to be disbursed (to cover any other expenses). You will most likely only get the expenses for one person. I mean unless you are both going going to PA school the SO wouldn't be able to get a federal loan...just a normal 3rd party in which payment won't be deferred.


I was able to get a couple more grand by making an excel sheet of expenses and sending it to my school to basically beg for money..although I highly doubt they will fund someone not going to school.

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10 hours ago, UGoLong said:

She worked while I went to school. A few years later, we reversed the process.

This is where it's at. I wouldn't look at ways to get more loans to support 2 people, unless your spouse is getting their own loans. I would look at ways to leverage a combined household and borrow LESS money. My wife and I got married while attending college 20 years ago, and finished undergrad without needing loans. PA school is more $$$ but also less time, being compressed into 2 years. If your spouse wants to go to school as well, maybe the spouse works FT and does PT school while you do PA school? Two years will FLY BY so fast, and you'll make plenty of money to support spouse in FT school at that point.

I wish there was a greater emphasis on students avoiding/minimizing debt than there is on ways to get as much debt as you can during school....

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