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PCE with a bachelors in psychology

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Hello! I am about to graduate with my bachelors in psychology with a concentration in health studies and a minor in philosophy. I was wondering if anyone knew of jobs I could do with this degree that would also count as good PCE for getting into PA school. I am planning on taking a year or 2 off to work on my application and I do have my CNA certification but was just wondering if there was anything that would look better and also incorporate my undergrad degree. 
Thanks I’m advance for any help. 

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Agreed with the above, you could look at working in behavioral health, especially in an inpatient setting if you have your CNA certification. You could also see if any neurology or psychiatry practices are hiring MAs (some places will train you on the job or accept your CNA certification in lieu of an MA one).

You definitely don't HAVE to work in anything related to your major though. If ortho sounds amazing to you, then I'd say go do it! You could also think about what elements of your degree you enjoyed most and explore those in a more narrow setting. Some examples might be:

- Palliative Care (what does it mean to maintain quality of life? A true philosophical question!)
- Hospice CNA (see above)
- Working in an EEG lab 
- Research assistant/coordinator (depends on the school if this will count as PCE) in a psych lab
- Working in an underserved or low income clinic (barriers to care/social determinants of health are often rooted in sociological issues)
- Eating disorder clinic (a niche behavioral setting), inpatient or outpatient
- Addiction medicine, same as above

Good luck!

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