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Hi, I am a new graduate. I have recently applied for my state license. Can I apply for jobs in the mean time? All the job postings require state license so I am not sure if I can still apply and interview till I get my license. Also what is the starting salary in NJ for a new graduate? I know it varies by location and specialty but just looking for a rough estimate.

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Absolutely you can apply without a license. I had 3 job offers in 3 different states (gotta love New England) and couldn't pursue state licensure until I knew which state I'd be working in. I experienced no issues with this during the application/interview process, however I'm sure in various situations it could pose a problem like if they are looking to hire ASAP, if it's a USJobs application, etc.


According to the 2010 AAPA survey PA's with <1 yr experience had a median salary of $85k with $75k being the low and $103k being the high. Also of note when considering this is that the sample size was rather small at 17 participants.

(FYI: PA's with 1-4 yrs experience in NJ had median salary of $94k and that's a sample size of 67).


Pretty fair salaries in NJ it appears. Obviously depends on specialty, but I wouldn't take anything less than $80k no matter what it is.

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