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2012-2013 Application Cycle: Class of 2015!

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Finished supplemental this month! It was by far the most thorough of the secondary apps.

Patient Contact:

4000 Chiropractic Assistant

1300 PT technician


Other HCE:

2500 Research tech in prenatal at Baylor's Medical Genetics Lab


160 v, 156 q, 4.0


Sci GPA 3.81

cGPA 3.9


Shadowing: 20 hours

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I just realized that I was wondering how everyone else was doing, but didn't say anything, myself!


I'll graduate from Lipscomb University with a bachelors in molecular biology and a minor in chemistry in May 2013.


GPA (as per CASPA): 3.92; science GPA: 3.89

GRE: 156 V, 155 Q, 4.0 AW


As for HCE, I have about 203 hours of various types, such as volunteering at ACS Hope Lodge, volunteering at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, medical mission trip to Guatemala, and shadowing two physicians and a PA.


I've been in Lipscomb's chapter of the American Chemical Society since 2009, and last year I was social coordinator of the club, and this year I am the president. I've been involved in Med club and a service club there as well. I was also invited to join the Lipscomb chapter of Alpha Chi, a national honors society. I also tutored in English as a Second Language for a semester.


This summer I was given the Langford-Yates research fellowship at Lipscomb, and worked on an ongoing project involving cancer invasion.


I applied to Yale, Baylor, Trevecca (TN), Philadephia University, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Pace University, and South College.


I haven't received any feedback yet, other than two of the schools (Yale and Philadelphia University) have received my application.


Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or feedback regarding my application and chances in this cycle! I know my HCE is limited due to the fact that I'm still in undergrad (I'm a senior). But I am currently in a CNA class, and plan on working part time during school and full-time on breaks, so hopefully that'll boost it up some. Also, I just turned 21, but I'm not sure if that will really affect my application, other than the HCE.


I wish you all the best of luck :).

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Received email saying they have received my apps. I heard interview invites are mid December. I am nervous, my GRE is not strong... 3.9 GPA 3.7 science GPA, & 299 GRE!! Strong applicant as far as shadowing & healthcare experience. Published a research article in NE Journal of physics as an undergrad so I really hope they look at everything. I listed my stats to you all if there is anyone with any feedback as to where I might stand. Thank you all and best of luck :)

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I'm in the same boat are you Nadia 1187; published in Neuron in 2010; been working in research for 5 years, and have tons of medical volunteering and shadowing, but not the strongest GRE. 299 GRE; 4.5 writing (2012) & 1020 with a 5.5 writing (2010); science GPA 3.75 and overall GPA 3.9. My undergrad GPA was lower, but I've taken post-bacc classes to bump it up, and am currently retaking anatomy online for medical professionals through UNE (more for a review since I've been out of undergrad for 4+ yrs).

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