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Did you ever find an answer? I am ortho in CT, inpatient for 4 yrs now sports office for 2.5 yrs with single doc. Base 115 with seemingly random bonus structure, 10k bonus this year. No holidays, call. 50+ hrs week billing for 350 to 400k. OR 2/5 days week. Single doc. I want to build a production based bonus structure as I am making way more money for the practice than any PA before me and they essentially werent ready for it. anything youve learned lemme know?

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    • By jbm14
      Hello everyone, 
      I work at a rural hospital in orthopedic surgery. I recently met with my employer’s director of clinical operations to discuss my productivity. In my second contract (signed this summer) it states that there will be a bonus of $25 for every wRVU over 2350. Last year as a new graduate I produced somewhere around 4300. During the meeting with the director I was given a statement of practice operations stating my current RVUs, charges, etc with the statement that the “fee modifying deduction” has not yet been added to the RVU total. He states that I will receive 25% of the surgeon’s RVUs for each billable surgery. That makes sense, however, they are wanting to give me 85% of my own clinic RVUs. Does anyone else have any experience with these kind of deductions in regards to their bonus payout? I know the conversion factor of $25 is already pretty low, so are they trying to avoid paying me with these deductions? There is nothing in my contract regarding these deductions.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By dazzle123
      hi everyone, I just accepted a new job offer for PA position which I am incredible excited about.  My current job has very long and detailed contract (17 pages).  A good portion of my salary is paid out in quarterly productivity bonuses, which ends up amounting to ~1/3 of my salary.  I received the amount for my most recent productivity bonus (aug/sept/oct), with it cced to payroll stating it will go into my next paycheck (which is unfortunately not until Dec 1).  The minimum notice I have to give my current job is 30 days.  However, I was hoping to give more time (6 weeks) as I know they will probably need to hire another employee.  I am unsure if I should give my notice before I actually receive my bonus in my paycheck.  In my contract it states  "Payments to the productivity structure will be made during the tenure of your employment with the P.C. No monies under the incentive structure will be due to you, from the day you leave the PC."  I am assuming that means after I leave the practice I will not be eligible for the remaining funds.  My last date of employment would not be until January 5th (which if needed I can extend as my start date is not until Jan 15).  My gut is telling me to wait, but I unfortunately let my boss know I was hoping to speak with him.  I was wondering if anyone had any prior experience with this as it is a substantial amount of money.  Also, if anyone has any useful tips on giving notice it would be greatly appreciated.  I have done it once before, however this time my nerves and anxiety are very high.  Probably since I have been at my current job for a lot longer than the previous and have this sense of guilt about leaving (although I know I am not doing anything wrong). Thanks you so incredibly much in advance. 
    • By Mr_Woodsie
      Hello all,
      My current ER will be under the management of EmCare starting in a few months.  I am curious if anyone here can inform me of the typical salaries and bonus structure they offer.  I'm currently in the southeast.
    • By K4500
      Hi everyone, 
      I am a new graduate, and I just received an Ortho PA job offer in coastal California. I will start training (same salary) as soon as I finish my boards, while I am waiting for my licenses to process. The job is M-F from 8-5. OR 1-2 days/week, but not when I initially start. Call time was not mentioned in the contract, but it's about once/month (no additional pay)
      What's offered: 
      - Base Salary: 100k 
      - At-will contract; If I stay less than a year, then I have to repay the licenses, relocation bonus, CME. etc. back to the employer. 
      - Health insurance, vision, and dental 
      - Incentive bonus: available after 3 months (PA's at the company said that I probably wouldn't reach the bonus requirement until 9-12 months) 
      - PTO: 10 days/year (accrue on a pro-rated semi-monthly basis from the date employment commences) 
      - 9 paid holidays 
      - sick days: 5 days/year (accrue after 3 months) 
      - CME: $2,500 and 5 days off (in addition to the 10 days PTO) 
      - All licenses covered: reimbursement for Board expenses, initial licenses and license renewals, including D.E.A. and California license
      -  $4,000 relocation bonus 
      - Three memberships reimbursed: example AMA or CMA 
      - Gas reimbursement: I have to drive to the satellite locations a few days/week.  
      - Malpractice: company covers professional liability insurance with tail coverage
      What's not offered: 
      - retirement (401k) 
      What do you think of this offer? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 
    • By kit17
      So I have graduation coming up soon, and have recently been offered a job in general surgery. I'm in a state that does not have the best median salary for PA's.
      The offer is 80k for first 6 months, then 85k for next 6 months, then 90k after 1 year. After 6 months I can begin to collect a bonus of 1% of my supervising physician's net collections which is paid out quarterly. I should also add that they've agreed to pay me a monthly stipend of $1,000/month until graduation, which would total $5,000. They are offering full benefits, $1500 + 1 week off for CMEs, & 10 vacation days (will go up to 15 days after 1 year). 
      It's a very busy job with long hours but I love the physician and love surgery. I learn so much every day. I guess I am just looking for reassurance that this is a respectable offer. I was honestly expecting to start out higher than 80k, but since there is a guaranteed salary raise plus the bonus it seems like a good compromise. 
      Any thoughts?
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