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Who should I be getting my recommendations from?

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I have shadowed a few PAs about once or twice, but I have not been able to find doctor that has the time to let me shadow them as well. Also, I am constantly working with nurses at my job. Should I rely on the people I interact with the most or should I still ask the PAs for a recommendation?

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Ideally find people who have seen you interact with patients and give hands on care. Some schools require a LOR from a PA, so research what the specific requirements are for the schools you are interested in applying to. Think about people who will give you a good, personal rec and ideally have known you >6 months. Generally schools want one from a PA/MD/DO/NP, someone who supervises you at work (manager/supervisor/charge nurse), and a professor (try for a stem class you did well in and interacted some with the professor at office hours or took for multiple classes).  Try to secure a long term shadowing experience with a PA if you can, but if you made a positive impression with the ones you shadowed a few times pick one you feel would write a strong letter. Give any writer your resume and a cover letter to help them out. Good luck! 

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