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Easiest way to do online P.A. pre-req’s

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My wife has her medical degree from a med school in Romania but is looking to go through a PA program here in the US and become and PA. She needs to do the standard pre-req’s online by 12/1/22. I’ve seen UCSD, UC Berkeley online and New England University as offering online courses. Are they the best/most reasonably price or do you recommend somewhere else?


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The best priced courses are going to be at a local community college, followed by a local college or university. The online courses offered without acceptance to a school (ie "Extension" courses like the ones mentioned) are often the most expensive classes per credit hour. Community college classes are a fraction of the price and some will offer online or hybrid options.

If she's set on doing PA vs matching as an IMG like mentioned above, she should look at the requirements for the programs she's interested in to see how to get her international degree/courses verified. Some schools require at least 30 credit hours (8-10 classes) to be from an institution in the US.

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