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The email confirmed the receipt of my CASPA application, and they also said they will be reviewing the documents in the next several weeks. I think it matters when you have submitted your CASPA application, mine was sent end of June, and I just received an email, so don't worry! :)

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Hello all :)

Does anyone know if pace university recently updated their admission requirements? I think the website has included more detailed information about admissions and also updated the FAQs page. Upon submitting my CASPA application, I recalled reading on their website that prerequisites must be completed before matriculation (now the website states all prerequisites must be complete before submitting the application). I completed all my prerequisites except a 1 unit anatomy lab. I was unable to complete the lab portion because biology majors at UC Berkeley have priority in registering for lab sections and there were rarely seats available for non-biology majors. As a result, I was unable to complete anatomy lab before graduating. On my CASPA application, I indicated that the anatomy lab is in progress. I just received an interview invite to Pace university a few days ago and am confused at whether this requirement is a recent change that does not apply to this years applicants

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