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How many PA schools to apply to?

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Hi guys! 1st post here, and I am an undergrad sophomore.


I only considered undergrad universities that were closer to my hometown (family & long-distance bf of 4 years), and consequently have been studying at a uni that is 2 hours away. Anyways, by the time I apply to PA school in 2 years, I wanted to use the same methods and only apply to schools that were closer so that I could live with my boyfriend. There's 3 (out of 4) that look like they would be a great fit (and I will definitely meet min. requirements of them all), but is applying to only 3 too few?? I have many people on here apply to 10+. Am I selling myself short? I am confident that I can do it, but I don't want to be too confident..


Follow up question,

The fourth school that I do not currently plan on applying to is the least prestigious with a min. GPA of 2.75, lower PANCE pass rate, and my last pick of the four. This is the only school where the prerequisites differ a bit, and it wants 6 hours of upper-level math. I have already taken 4 credit hours of Statistics 204, so I would only need to take Calculus I, but still... My STEM professors are very demanding, so taking calculus with orgo or A&P (one or the other for sure) would most likely bring my GPA down in some way.. so my question is, would it be worth it to take calculus to be able to apply to 4 schools instead of 3? especially if this one has the lowest standards (but I hope for my resume to be much better than these, respectfully).

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Depends what your stats are if 3 is too few. I'd only do that with ~3.8 GPAs and above the national average PCE of close to 2500 hours (all to say an strong, above average candidate). Now these are just random numbers, but I would want to be in the top tier of applicants to only apply to 3. Meeting minimum requirements will *most* often not get you in so obviously the more schools you apply to will better your chances...if that is the situation you are facing.

I had 3.5 GPA and 12000 PCE and applied to 11.

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Hi there!! My advice is to apply to as many as you feel comfortable, trust your gut. but like you said, do not be overconfident!! Be very smart in the schools you apply to - choose ones that focus on things you excel in.

I originally planned to apply to 10 schools and then panic applied to 4 more as I felt like 10 was not enough. I had a strong GPA and extracurriculars but my PCE was lacking. I ended up receiving interviews to 12/14 schools I applied to (I was shocked!!) and was accepted to 4/6 of the schools that I chose to interview w/ (other two were waitlists).

Looking back, I definitely do not regret applying to 14 schools. It allowed for me to have options and really think out which school would be the best fit for me. I didn’t technically need to apply to 14 to be accepted but it definitely was worth it. 
Of course this came at a cost. I believe I paid close to $1,500 with everything accounted for (a lost deposit, supplementals, GRE.. etc) but like I said - totally worth it.


good luck & feel free to message with anymore questions 🙂

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