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Deciding between programs - help please!

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School A

40K less (in state tuition)

29 months

Starts/ends sooner - not working right now, so this is really nice

In a city I already live in and love

Warmer weather

Better attrition

More condensed city - short commutes for rotations possible (hate driving)


School B

27 months

1 more month of elective experience

Aligned with mission/values more

Good clinical affiliations

New area, exciting to try a new environment

Allows for away rotations

Have family support nearby (potential medical connections as well)

Newer program (by 3 years though)

Emphasis on early clinical exposure and leadership

More name-brand in medicine


Overall, I feel like School B sold themselves better and I left the interview so excited and impressed with everything about the school, could really see myself there. School A, knowing they are cheaper, probably didn’t feel the need to sell themselves so I don’t know much about the curriculum details. I don’t want to be distracted by shiny private school amenities and “good vibes” when practically, I know I’ll get the same degree at the end. My family likes the idea of being closer to extended family and the name of School B, but I know they are biased. Does it matter where you go to school in the end? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!

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The real goal is to become a PA, more specifically get a good 1st job.  That's where you really learn how to be a PA.  Everything before that is just hoops you have to jump through.  Really the only way 1 PA program is better than another is via the contacts you make which may well help you in your initial job search.  So, assuming that you pass the program (almost all do) and pass PANCE (almost all do), is program B worth $40K more in tuition & fees, plus additional living costs?  Only you can decide that.  I'm financially conservative, so there'd have to be a pretty big benefit to make me want to spend that much more.

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I would say you should consider the entire picture for you, as everyone is different. This is a very personal decision and one of the most important you will make. Cost is a huge factor, but you shouldn't go to a less desirable program for you just because of that one factor. Alumni connections, strength of clinical rotations, quality of the teachers, and the program focus all is important to shaping how you will see medicine and practice. The family support and area is also important in different ways to different people. I think being nervous is normal, but you should trust what your heart is telling you! This decision is about you and for you, so do what feels best for you!

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