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University to Community College for A&P?

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So this semester, I took A&P I at a university with a fantastic professor who sadly does not teach A&P II. I have realized as a Freshman that professors can make or break your grade to a degree, and the professor at my university who does A&P II is horrible. My sister took A&P I and II at a community college and suggested to me to do so with professors who can teach the material better. I love to be taught the material, and it not be all about reading the textbook. I have no problem reading but do prefer a lecture to have a better sense of the material. 

Would it look bad that I took A&P I at a university and A&P II at a community college with a better professor? Thank You so much for your time and responses! 

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I wouldn't think so, unless a program you're applying to specifically says something about not wanting CC classes (which is rare, and silly IMO). I took nearly all of my prereqs at CCs and got accepted. I took some in each series at different schools, actually (for instance took Bio I at one CC, and Bio II at another). Wasn't an issue for me.

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