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Tired New Grad

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Finally made the decision to go part time at my first job (10.5 months into FM job). Burning out is an understatement. Feeling like a failure for not being able to do full time AND preserve / regain mental health. Hopeful I can eventually get back to a full time position. Anyone have experience with this? 

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No, no experience with this.  But, I think almost if not all of us as new PA's underestimate the learning curve that needs to be paid to actually learn how to practice medicine.  Physicians will tell you that it's really residency that's where they learn their trade.  If PA school grads don't do a residency and only a very few do, we learn our trade at our first job.  The shortest physician residencies are 3 years.  So, it's going to be at least that long for those who go the OJT path.  You're in the steepest part of that learning curve.  Also, you may not be in an environment that supports learning.

So, the struggles you're having are more common than not.  Please don't think of yourself as a failure.

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about 6 m in (19 yrs ago!) I seriously wondered if I had made a mistake

I was in a low volume well supported position.

Can't imaging being in a full service FP practice, with covid crap as a new grad.  I think it is totally normal, take a breath, lower your productivity A LOT, go back to reading about pathology, and management, get excited to learn and practice, and the rest will follow

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