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Proper Attire

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So my PA program is hosting an “Accepted Students Day”. I have no idea what I should be wearing to this. In the invitation it does not mention wearing any sort of more professional attire. Also, I have no idea what anyone else if going to be wearing. I was thinking about just dressing slightly business casual and bringing an extra outfit or something. This is very late notice of me to ask on here but if you see this please help. 

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Sooo I over dress almost every day of my life so maybe not the best advice lol. I also go to a very conservative school and this is what they like. 

I would personally do trousers, button up, tie. You only really get one chance to make a first impression (they are really going to get to know you now). I did this for my whole first semester in school even though we can do business causal (like polos and things). Instructors 100% noticed it because it was pointed out to me. So in the end, that's what I would wear. No matter what just don't look bummy and you'll be fine! Cause you are accepted already!! Hardest part is completed!


I'm not sure if your male or female but I would wear the equivalent of either one.

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