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RVU based contract

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I am a PA-C in an OB/Gyn practice which is hospital owned.  I have worked here for 13 years under an annual salary position that did not offer incentives or bonuses. I currently 1st assist in OB and Gyne surgery, round on post op/ post partum patients and see patients 3 1/2 days in the office/outpt clinic as well.  I average 50 pts in office a week and this past year total RVUs was 3271. These RVUs do not include surgical 1st assisting nor OB return visits on global OB patients.  Only because the hospital has not been billing correctly.  This will be changing and I will be billing a dummy code for Ob returns that are global.  I will be switching to a RVU based contract.  What I am being offered is an annual base salary of $115,000 with base RVU set at 3026.  I would be paid out at $22.00/ RVU at any additional RVUs.  I feel like this base salary is low.  I get benefits  including $1500 annual CME.  Any direction or advice is appreciated.

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It is about a 5% increase from my current salaried position.  The hospital is currently going through a lot of transition and currently has limited providers in this area.  They are in the process of recruiting more physicians.  Once we have more physicians they plan to add them to our practice so I am concerned they will take some of my patients base and my RVUs will decrease as a result.  So, because of this I feel like I currently have the best leverage to ask for exactly what I should get now knowing it will be months to a year minimum before they are able to acquire and credential new physicians.  My contract would be a 1 year contract.

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