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Has anyone done telescribing for experience? Thoughts?

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I have already have a solid 2k hrs of PCE as a CNA. I technically meet the reqs. I was just wondering if anyone has used telescribing in their apps, if it counts as PCE for schools that accept scribing as PCE? Has anyone gotten a good LOR with telescribing? How do you guys think adcoms will see it?

I just personally felt stunted in terms of medical growth as a CNA so I really wanted to look into scribing. I know scribing is still mediocre PCE to a lot of schools, much less telescribing. However, I really believe that people who have scribed and utilized medical terminology have such a leg ahead in PA school. 

I’m in the process of moving housing so therefore doing in-person scribing with a 1 yr commitment to a location isn’t looking too possible for me. I’ve already applied this cycle, I think I have just a mediocre chance of getting in and if I don’t, I’m hoping redoing my PS + applying earlier + this year of telescribing might make a difference. I get it’s no in-person experience like EMT, but it is worthless? Thoughts?

*side note: Honestly, I think it’d be really cool to end up in telehealth as a PA a decade down in life. Ofc I’d love to do in person care as well but with technology going as it is, I think it’s a very possible and fun direction.

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Guest Odim2323

In addition to your hours as a CNA, I think telescribing will be a great addition to your PA school application! Like you mentioned, scribing exposes you to a ton of medical terminology and documentation that you will be doing as a future provider. I was a physical therapy aid at one point and a scribe at another, and I will say that I feel that being a scribe has prepared me for PA school far more than being a physical therapy aid has. I hope this helps! Best of luck 🙂 You’ve got this!

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