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First draft..Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

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From the start of my educational experience I didn’t know exactly who I wanted to become but I have always known what I wanted to stand for. Growing up, my family struggled with financial difficulties but my parents made a point of giving to those who were worse off. Living in an underserved area, my parents decided to become foster parents because they heard about the growing problem surrounding us. These children would come into our house and we would hear the stories of how they came to be wards of the state. Whether it was parents who were neglecting them, exposing them to drugs and violence, or abandoning them it always made me realize that no matter how little my family had, we still had things we could give to those who were in need. No matter how rich or poor you are, you can always give your time to others. This is what has fueled my inspiration to become a physician’s assistant and be able to help those who are underserved and often times forgotten.


From volunteering at a children’s therapy clinic and rescue mission, I have learned that there is a growing need of people who are capable of helping those in need. My goal is to work in underserved communities and work with others to make health care available to those in need. I believe, as times get tough, we sometimes forget to think of those who are doing worse than ourselves. It is important to remind ourselves that if we are capable to be of aid to others, then it is our duty as humans to help one another. I have many ideas of ways to help others in the future, now it is my responsibility to become that person capable of aiding to others. In the future, I want to organize and be apart of a team that works overseas in underserved communities where we can set up clinics and offer health-screening services to those who otherwise wouldn’t receive it. There are vaccines available for many preventable diseases, yet these aren’t available to some countries and by making those available we would be able to prevent many deaths in these underserved communities around the world. That is my goal, make services available to those who cannot afford it or are not educated of such services.


My undergraduate work in psychology made me interested in the mind of a person and towards the end of my program I became fascinated by the body and the way it functions. I started volunteering at a speech, physical, and occupational therapy clinic and was exposed to the therapy side of the medical field. That experience showed me that I wanted to work more with the medical side of the spectrum, rather than therapy side. From there the decision to become a physician’s assistant was made. I completed a medical assistant certification program in order to gain experience in the field. From the experience, I gained experience with patients and realized how important the relationship between the patient and healthcare professional is. Currently, I am employed as a medical assistant at AboutSkin Dermatology and am continuing to learn new things about the medical field. I understand that a physician’s assistant program will require complete dedication and hard work. I worked two or more jobs throughout my bachelor’s degree program in order to pay my own way and minimize my student loans. I have no doubt that I will approach this next step toward my career in the same manner. With commitment to a lifelong goal, I know I will succeed.

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