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Pitt Emergency Medicine Major

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I’m finishing up my first semester at a local community college and have started looking at to transfer to for finishing undergrad. I found a unique one at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m slightly hesitant because of the emphasis on emergency medical services. It’s geared more towards EMTs/paramedics but the curriculum looks like it would be a good intro into what I would learn in PA school. The only other programs I’ve really considered are biology degrees with a pre-pa track. Would there be any advantages to the emergency medicine program versus a biology degree? For more info on the program, here’s the link to the homepage: https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/em

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15 minutes ago, ohiovolffemtp said:

Based on a quick look, it seems like this program doesn't include the sciences PA schools require as pre-reqs: no chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biology, genetics, microbiology, etc.  Essentially, look for a major that includes all of the pre-med pre-reqs.

I’m actually able to finish up all of the pre-reqs at my community college before I would transfer. I was just looking into this program because it’s would lay some ground work for pa school

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I agree w/ Ohio; this track appears to better serve persons wanting to work in EMS for a significant period of time. EMS training focuses on quickly triaging individuals, not the thorough H&P that is expected of physicians/PAs/NPs. More rigorous courses in Immunology, Biochem etc. will benefit you when it comes to didactics & clinicals. 

Also, be aware that some schools may not consider prereq's from community college to be of the same value as those from university-based courses.

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