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The “E” in “OEM”

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I’ve accepted a position to help establish a new Environmental Medicine service line for the patients in our system.

Has anyone had experience with illnesses or conditions that might have a solidly environmental factor to them? Seems at first blush like this kind of problem is either pretty obvious, like noise levels or respiratory illnesses from toxic exposures, or else fairly mysterious and difficult to work up using standard approaches. 

I’ve worked in Occ Med before, doing DOTs and acute care, and for the past few years I’ve been in primary care, doing pretty much everything acute and chronic. Just curious where to start. Where does clinical Enviro exist as a subset of OEM, and is it done really well anywhere out there? 

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Feels weird to think our team might become some kind of regional experts, but in my first couple of weeks it seems like I’ll be needing to read up as much as possible on mast-cell activation issues. Also rare and poorly-understood post-infectious weird inflammatory stuff. Also probably long COVID. Quite the challenge.

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