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Migraines problems?

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    • By GeminiPA34
      I've worked in Integrated Physical Medicine for 3.5 yrs now. The offices are co-owned by an MD and a Chiropractor and I make $115K/yr.  My questions are......
      Has anyone worked with a Chiropractor who tends to over step his/ boundaries regarding medical patient care?
      Does the Chiro have a difficult time understanding that he/she is not your boss but you are colleagues? 
      Have you ever instructed the staff to do one thing (medically related) and the Chiro goes behind your back and instructs the staff to do the opposite of what you said? I understand I do not sign their checks, but I am the Health Care Provider in the office. 
      Have you ever felt as if the Chiro cares more about what services and which DMEs can be billed and how much money can be made from the patient vs what the patient actually needs. 
      I've had similar experiences in 3 different offices and yes I've had to get the Supervising Physician involved a few times. 
      l really enjoy Physical Medicine but I do not think I can work with a Chiropractor any longer. Has anyone else had these type of experiences. 
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