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Interviews 2012-2013 Cycle

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Yes heard via email last week.


July 9th - submitted CASPA

July 11th - CASPA verified

July 13th - CASPA mailed out

July 31st - email from Quinnipiac saying they received my CASPA

Aug 8th - interview invitation via email

Sep 8th - interview date



Still trying to figure out if anyone knows what their interview format is i.e. how many interviews? Are they one-on-one, group format? Do they have you write any essays?

Let me know!

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Eric and Lauren... I also happen to be a Lauren and I'll be going to the early September interview as well and the meet and greet! Even though they say it's not required I certainly think it will help to attend and meet the students.


I haven't seen anything about interview format from other posts. I imagine some form of single interview, group interview and essays, that seems the most common.

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Eric and other Lauren - congrats to you guys, I guess we will be seeing each other in a few weeks! I wonder how many people are in one interview session?


I am going to the meet and greet as well, hoping it will be relaxed and helpful!


Are you guys planning to bring any copies of transcripts or resumes? The email didn't mention it so I was not planning to.

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Yes. From my experience interviewing for jobs and for other PA schools, you should always have a portfolio with you that contains transcripts, recc letters, resumes etc. You never know what they are going to ask you for.


If they ask me for that they're going to be sh!t out of luck, given the fact that CASPA has all of my LORs and I've waived my right to view them.

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Here is some information about the interview I have from the original EMAIL:


Interviews are held on the North Haven campus throughout the fall

semester. Interviews consist of being greeted by and mingling with

current PA students, an in-depth group briefing by the program

director and campus and facility tours given by current PA students.

Additionally, half hour interviews will be conducted with various

teams of PA faculty, preceptors, graduates, health science faculty

and administration.

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