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What are my chances / advice

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I would say that based off of these stats, it would be very difficult to be accepted. You might want to retake a few pre-req classes and/or take more classes to raise your GPA. Yes, schools will have a minimum GPA acceptance, but usually, a 3.5 or above and a lot more patient care hours with variety will help in the long run. So improve your GPA and increase your patient care hours and you will have a lot more luck. Also, focus on making your application unique as much as you can. 

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The requirements for patient care hours varies a lot by school. Where I teach, 500 hours would still let you be considered. What would likely derail you is the sub-3.0 science GPA. Many applicants are in at least the mid-3s. Some schools judge that your science GPA is the best indicator they have that you can do well in PA school. Schools have to report the number of students who fail out, etc. and they often don't want to take chances.

At least you know where to start working. Good luck.

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