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Adding a college or university

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Hey all, this morning I enrolled in a MS Health Administration program starting in January, can I add this to my CASPA application? I feel that it would make me more competitive.   When I look at the colleges attended tab, I can only see my undergrad and "Add a College or University" is greyed out. Please let me know what I can do.

Before you ask I have asian parents who aren't satisfied with just one degree lol, and my grades suffered in undergrad. Its an online program that only has one class every 8 weeks so I can definitely balance it should I be accepted (fingers crossed).

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Okay, I was able to add it by refreshing and clicking it before it fully loads (work the system!) but transcripts are needed and I haven't started yet. I'll speak with CASPA support tomorrow but if you have any idea if I can submit a school without a transcript, or if there is some way to note that I have not yet started, please let me know.

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