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Hello All,

So my community service manager that i asked for a letter of recommendation from submitted the same letter he gave me to submit on my CASPA as my community service verification letter. For the verification letter I was confused when I saw that the letter looked like a recommendation letter but it had my hours on it, so I just used it. But I asked him yesterday at our volunteer meeting and he said he submitted that same one. What do I ? I checked the box to waive my right to look at my letter, if they see that the submitted LOR is the same as my verification letter, what will happen? I know I can't change it now so I have to play the waiting game but still will I be rejected? Help I'm losing my mind. 

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These things happen. I can think of two approaches:

1. Ask your letter writer if his or her letter included anything about specifics as to why they recommended you for the program. It's possible that they combined both letters into one and I would suspect that would be OK. If not, you could ask them to write a second letter discussing why they think you would be a good candidate for the program.

2. Find another reference and have them write a letter of recommendation.

3. If you have "enough" letters of recommendation, don't worry.

Best of luck!

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