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Grades from long ago still hurting!!!! How can I fix it????

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OK, quick summary.

I was a person that didn't take college seriously when I was in my late teens and twenties. I had a HORRIBLE GPA!!!


I went back to school in 2009 to finish my degree and I took 81 semester hours in 22 months. I maintained a 3.81 GPA. I was taking all my 300 and 400 level classes as well as all my prereqs for PA school. I also scored a 149/150 (approx 1060) on the GRE.


One school told me that I didn't get in because of health care experience, I now have about 3000 Emergency room hours under my belt.


Other schools comment on my cumulative GPA, that is where I am having the problem!!!

I would have to take a lot of classes to turn my GPA around.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do???

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Step 1: Find a really close friend

Step 2: Take out a rediculously large life insurance policy; placing it in your close friend's name

Step 3: Develop a rediculously complicated way to stage your own death

Step 4: Assume new identity, using life insurance money to start college over


In all seriousness, GPA follows you almost as bad as the debt you have to obtain the grades. Two ways around it; keep retaking classes, or find a program that weights the last 60 credit hours attempted heavier than cummulative GPA. When you say low, how low?

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Dude you are in the same boat I am in. I spent undergrad leeching off allowance sent by my parents and attending maybe 10% of classes total. Graduated with a 2.59 with a BA in some bull**** major but thankfully the only science courses I took in undergrad were Bio w/o lab and Physics both of which I got Bs in so thats not that bad. After a few semesters back to school several years later and all As and one B I am up to a 2.81. I am aiming for that 3.0 for the minimum GPA for most programs and by the time I get that I will have over 10,000 HCE hours under my belt but thats assuming I get As in stuff like Organic Chem and Biochem!


I am now wishing I could erase several low grades in "fun" classes I took in undergrad which I still slacked in. I got a D in Country Western Dance and a C in Cooking.

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