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We are preparing to enter some contract negotiations and I was hoping to hear from some of my fellow ICU colleagues regarding compensation packages if you're comfortable sharing!  Feel free to PM me as well if you'd prefer not to post in public.

We have 9 folks in our group, we are hospital employees rather than being employed by the physician partners.

Contracted to work 10 (12) hour shifts/mo, end up working 7 day shifts q10 weeks, remainder are all nights.

On nights we have two PA/NPs, one who covers a large community hospital with multiple specialty services and one who covers 3 smaller ones. We operate with virtual ICU backup, pretty autonomous. Full procedural expectation (Lines/Tubes/Bronch)

Compensation wise we're looking at:

Years 1 - 9 $137,500 (95.48/hr)
Years 10+ $147,500 (102.43/hr)

$10,000 annual bonus which we pretty much always meet

No PTO/Sick
$2500 CME

Is this remotely comparable to your team? My issue at the moment is the contract is based on our hospitalist colleagues and I recently found out that they are making more than I am...while "rounding" on their COVID patients from outside the room. Sigh.

Anyways! If you're comfortable/able to comment on how this looks compared to ya'lls situation I truly appreciate it!

Not entirely sure how I got asked to negotiate anything but here we are...

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Curious, but what area of the country/ residential setting is your facility?

I also work at a larger community hospital (450 beds) on the east coast mid-atlantic area, Lvl 2 trauma center with 38 ICU beds (medical and surgical combined) with CT surgery and neurosurgery programs.  

 We alternate MICU, SICU, and Night coverage. typically 2 intensivists and 2 apps during the day (1 of each for MICU/ SICU) and then 1 intensivist and 1 app to cover both during nights. Similar expectations regarding procedural things (chest tubes, central /art lines, intubation, dialysis catheters, bronchs, etc). No EICU yet but that is apparently in the works. Overall we have a high level of autonomy, see our own pts, etc.  We have collaborative agreements with all our intensivists but they are technically employed by a private group that is contracted with the hospital and the APPs are all employed by the hospital system.  We are 7 APPs in total. 

From a salary aspect you are wayyy ahead of me there, $115k annual with 14, 12 hr shifts per 28 day period so breaks down to around 52-56/hr. We do however get PTO/ holiday and have full benefits, 2.5k CME etc, pretty much all the standard stuff. Unfortunately no set bonus structure and we dont have contracts currently (employment at will), but apparently this is something hospital administration is working on (if that even gets done). Would love to find out more re your groups pay structure and if those figures have been negotiated for you all in the past or been a standard. 

Also if anyone else wants to chime in re- critical care salaries i'd be very interested to see how others are doing.  The general feeling here is that we have all been very overworked and underpaid with high patient loads given everything over the past 1.5 years and are looking to negotiate raises.  

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Hey @LFPA94! Thanks for chiming in.  It is so hard to get a good idea of CC salaries as there seems to be a huge disparity across the country as you've mentioned.  I'm south of Seattle in WA state.  Pretty good COL in our area.

I started off as a new grad working in the CCU of a university hospital in Seattle, advanced heart failure/transplant, no CT just CCU.  Up there we did 11 (12) hour shifts/month, it shook out to around $115k/yr ($73/hr) for exclusively days and no procedural expectations outside of arterial lines and CVCs. 

Sounds like you've got some room for negotiation!  Feel free to ask anything you need either via pM or on the thread.

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Work at a large academic system in a major metropolitan city in the Northeast.  Among the highest in the nation in cost of living.  

At this institution medicine PAs have the same compensation as critical care PAs.

Starting salary for new grads is 100k for six 12.5 hour shifts per 2 weeks (51.28/hour).   

This hospital system is below the pay rate for two competing large academic systems by about 10-20k/year. 

No bonus.  

Typical benefits for this area’s job market: 4 week PTO, sick time, medical/dental and CME money and CME days (1 week).  

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