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general caspa question

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Hi I am applying this cycle for the first time.  I need help understanding CASPA.  What is the difference between being verified and submitting application?  I paid For CASPA to enter my transcripts for me because I didn't want there to be mistakes.  Do I submit BEFORE my letters of evaluation are turned it so that CASPA can get going on my transcripts?  Or do I have to wait for all of those to be completed?  I also have not taken the GRE yet but plan to have the score sent as soon as I finish it.  Can I go ahead and submit application prior to getting my GRE score (only one school needs it).


thanks in advance for your help

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Verification is your transcript becoming verified. Submitting is submitting to a school(s) and paying for it, then your application(s) go into queue for verification once you do that the first time. Keep in mind, most everything you've created will be final when you do. I think you could submit before LOE's, but I recall many schools may not review your app until all 3 land so it might not make a difference. I think you can add GRE later, or by the schools deadline, but again - they may not review any application until all materials are included anyway. But some might. So you'll have to read through to know. 

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