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WHAT A F R E A K I N G RELIEF..just found out I passed PANRE..

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Took the PANRE two Saturdays ago and waited just about a week for results....PASSED..


My 2 cents...


I felt new PANRE was not too different from PANCE in that I came out thinking there is a good chance that I had failed..


I thought "What just happened???"..


I even went straight home and resumed studying figuring I had 3 to 4 months till my second attempt....


Anyways,,,,for those about to study...here is how I did it..


1) Studied Appleton and Lange Q&A,,,the yellow book like crazy..know it back and forth..


2) The CD Q&A from the book that AAPA/NCCPA recommends..did Q&A at least 5x...


3) Did about 500 questions from Exammasters (in hidsight should've did more,,)


Random questions from an old cd from AUTH and KAPLAN,,


Anyways, it's definitely possible to pass the new PANRE on first try, just study and know your stuff inside out,,


Good luck to everyone on their PANCE/PANRE...


I'm gonna enjoy my next 6 years till my next and last PANRE ....

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Thanks rmathews619. More or less I did study similarly except for one huge difference. I am working full time now with 2 young kids so I have LOT less time to study now.


For the PANCE, I ponied up $200 for the online Kaplan Q&A and did their Qbank religiously and in hindsight was what prepared me the most. Also did Apleton & Lange book and reviewed my PA school notes/handouts. That was about it. Not much into travelling cross country to sit for 3-5 days with airfare/hotel/meal $$$ for Study prep courses. I like studying on my own in a locked room.


Wierd that I came out of both exams thinking I had failed miserably.


know your strong points and your weak points and put more time into your weak points. For me it was Cardiology, OB/GYN, Pharm.

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Never too early to start studying for PANCE. My one huge mistake during PA school and rotations was that I would relax during each 2 week breaks in between semesters and weekends. In hindsight, I shoulda studied all the way thru.


Most students during school and rotations were already preparing for PANCE using Kaplan, Lang Q&A, etc...

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I am about to start studying for the PANRE myself and I was wondering what people thought about using UpToDate to help with studying in addition to the standard books and such? The reason I ask is because I remember that the data on the PANCE/PANRE is usually a few years behind and I wonder if UpToDate would just mess me up in the end? Thoughts?

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I usually just study the basics for panre; hematology, endocrine, neuro, etc

I use the "primary care secrets " text as it is a great review. also swanson's family practice recertification review.

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honestly, i just used the nccpa text with the review, 300 questions, and cd. i only studied off and on for a few weeks prior to the test...i probably would have been more aggressive had i looked at some of the threads here prior. when i saw that a large majority deal with failing, i started to panic a bit and really hit it up a towards the end of last week. i thought the test wasn't too bad....certainly there were several where both answers were appropriate, and those were the ones that bother me the most, cause i STILL don't know which ones were right or wrong. who knows....all i know is that my cert expires in december of this year, and if i fail, i only have one more chance to take it. that's waaaaaaaaaay too much pressure, and i don't want to spend the next 3 months of my life with that stress and studying! at the same time, i can't help but think i didn't do well.... ....too many stories of 'i thought it was ok, then i found out i failed.' i'll keep everyone posted. hopeful for tonorrow!

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