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Anyone gotten mad at a patient on COVID vaccine discussion??

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3 hours ago, sas5814 said:

I have new level of... I'm not sure what. 82 YO new patient (to me) won't get the COVID vaccine because...I cannot make this up..."the antibodies I get from the COVID shot will replace the antibodies I already have that keep me from getting cancer."

I just said.... fascinating.

To each his own. I guess he is aware of where he stands on the actuarial charts.

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I have not yet been asked about this but feel it coming................

These folks should lose their licenses for spreading medieval myth and garbage.


In a TikTok video that has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, Dr. Carrie Madej outlined the ingredients for a bath she said will “detox the vaxx” for people who have given into Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

The ingredients in the bath are mostly not harmful, although the supposed benefits attached to them are entirely fictional. Baking soda and epsom salts, she falsely claims, will provide a “radiation detox” to remove radiation Madej falsely believes is activated by the vaccine. Bentonite clay will add a “major pull of poison,” she says, based on a mistaken idea in anti-vaccine communities that toxins can be removed from the body with certain therapies.

Then, she recommends adding in one cup of borax, a cleaning agent that’s been banned as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration, to “take nanotechnologies out of you.”.......

It gets worse further into the article 

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Is this a doctor of philosophy? Maybe a PhD in medieval art history? maybe an internet minister? Went to med school in LaLa Land?

I could go on but you get the point.

Free speech is abated when it is dangerous. If this fool answers to a med board he/she should, at the least, be censored and possibly lose their license.

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19 hours ago, CAAdmission said:

Almost as bad - she's apparently a DO. 

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

so who is going to file the complaint against her with her state medical board?? 


We need a NON-PA "just a citizen" to start sending in formal complaints and make these quacks stand tall in front of their licensing boards......

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