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Upcoming FCCS course - any tips?

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Hey all,

I'm signed up to take the FCCS course offered by SCCM...has anyone here taken it? I'm still in PA school, and have only completed one ICU rotation so my relative knowledge on the topics are limited. I've got the Marino book and browse through it. Also on my list is to run through the COVID critical care resources that SCCM posted.

I'm looking for info on the best way to study, how much prep work is necessary, and what to expect from the 2 day class in general. Is testing difficult? What are the skills workshops like? Do they kind of help you along or do you really need to be on top of the material? Any good study quizlets? Any guidance or thoughts would be helpful.

Thank you!

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Read the book. Test comes right out of it. Understand basic vent management i.e. how to increase oxygenation vs ventilation. Identify different types of shock. Have a grasp of basic vasopressors, know how fast to correct sodium, recognize the basic approach to broad spectrum antibiotics.

Depending on the ACLS status of all the folks they may include the cardiology section which is a weird mix of basic NSTEMI v STEMI, cardiogenic shock and arrhythmia management.

Honestly if you do the pre-reading and pay attention in lecture you should be fine. I've been an instructor for the last 3 years and have only had one person ever fail the test.

Skills workshops normally consist of NIPPV and ventilator management, there are round table discussions on scenarios z sometimes they'll throw airway management in.

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