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Medical Voice Recognition Software - Dragon is sucking now

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Nuance Dragon is phasing out DMNE and going to something call Dragon Medical One (DMO).

I have tried it and it sucks.

Gone are all years of DMNE learning my style, diction, etc. I am starting from scratch with DMO not even being able to spell my name unless I enter each name separately and say it/spell it. It can't spell COVID............... seriously, it can't.

It requires each word to be typed in by hand to learn it. Gone are the days of reading medical jargon from textbooks in LEARN mode and having it figure stuff out. Gone are the days of teaching. 

I hate Dragon for the first time in 20 yrs.

Is anyone using anything besides Dragon that has any worth?

Looking for suggestions on worthwhile products.

Back to typing and developing CTS.........................

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In illinois we had a dictation service, it was awesome.  they also had dragon, but I loved the dictation service.  

In florida, we either use the dragon you mention, but any dragon..is..slow.. and not..as..fast...as me...

so I just type everything.  it sucks. as does the VA.  I'm going to start sending emails to my chief for the OT.  He won't approve it, but at least it will be on record.

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I suspect the word has gotten out that the Dragon Medical has been a colossal waste of money with Dragon Naturally Speaking and Dragon Home and Office each being a great deal that would do almost everything medical very well.

Both Mac and Windows have built-in speech recognition now, do they not?

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Our programs are shells - working thru our servers. So we can't use anything embedded in our laptops for a program like that.

Or that is my limited sort of understanding of that tech.

Nuance got bought by Microsoft - I am not sure that is good or bad.

They took a perfectly good product - DMNE - Dragon Medical Network Edition and made it into a crappy DMO - Dragon Medical One citing that DMNE was a constant problem - Never anything I experienced in 20 yrs of using it.

Nuance wants to make per user contract sales, not network contracts for endless users.

End users need and deserve a quality product that saves them from typing all damn day.

So, still need a product that works over MULTIPLE applications - EHR, Word, Office Products, etc. and can work with shell operations from servers hundreds of miles away.

Thus far, no product actually exists...................

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I have always loved real dictation with transcriptionists and hated dragon. The dragon typos are awesome though. We have a list on the wall at work.  My favorite: "Gargle antibiotics 3 times daily in your buttocks". This was actually given to a patient and discovered when they called back asking how to do that. It was supposed to read "antibiotics 3 times daily as directed. "

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I have actually contemplated a retirement gig doing transcription…. But no T1 internet exists in the area we want to live.

My old Ortho transcriptionists were awesome. I could dictate a letter and just say into the device - if this sounds stupid, please edit…. They would. 

One Ortho took his pocket recorder home at lunch - it was turned on. It recorded his “Nooner” activity….. not even sure if it was his wife….. it was quite steamy. 

One surgeon had a habit of dictating on The Throne….. not cool, dude, just not cool.

So, absent one moderately paid human transcriptionist - my options are dwindling…..

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I made the change too (since we work at the same place) and the new one is working pretty well for me. I don't make many corrections.

That said I wish it worked outside of the EHR. Would be nice for dictating letters/emails etc


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3m M Modal Direct with Phillips microphone works pretty good. I used Dragan for nearly my entire clinical year in school and it is not nearly as good. I've seen several doctors legitimately throw the Dragan across the room or beat on a desk with it. M Modal you can also use through an app on your phone, slightly slower than the Phillips mic

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