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Hi everyone I’ve asked a similar question like this before but I’ve decided to get CNA certified. I will be working through my sophomore year and until grad school. I’m also registered to take an EMT course at my school this year (sophomore year) do I need the EMT if I have the CNA? Would it look better on my application that I did both? Or is better to stay long term with one? 

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I have been a paramedic for the last 8 years and applying to PA school this cycle. I am biased but I personally believe you would get so much more exposure to different types of patients and experiences as an EMT. It will also open many job opportunities as well. You can work in a 911 services, transport service, emergency departments, etc.. Just my 2 cents! Hope it helps! 

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21 hours ago, MAstudent said:

Should I get certified in both? Or just doing one will be fine for my resume?

If you are planning to work in both fields, you can get certified for both. Having both experiences will make you a more competitive applicant and offer you more to talk about during your school interview. If you are not planning to work in both fields and just to get certified to make it look better on your resume and application, then you should not even bother getting certified in both. 

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