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Out of line MD

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So I work in a large ortho clinic and they employ a ton of PAs. There was a complaint made the other day by a patient about a PA and they told the physician so they could do something about “their assistant.” Apparently the patient felt the PA was condescending at one point during a previous visit. The physician told the patient they would speak to the PA and that the PA was normally “excellent at assisting”, and that they did a great job “holding the retractors” for him. This was super discouraging to me as I work closely with the both the physician and the PA. The PA sees a ton of cases solo and covers clinic entirely on the days he is in surgery. 

I don’t know what the protocol is for this type of thing, but I would think the physician should have simply apologized if the patient felt like they had a bad experience and referred them to administration if they truly wanted to make a complaint instead of belittling the PAs position by acting as though he had hired then or was in charge of disciplining them. 

Any thoughts on this? I haven’t seen any other physicians act this way toward PAs so I was pretty taken back. 

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