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Just looking for an opinion on my stats.

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Will be applying to program next year and will have the following stats roughly. I plan on applying to MS schools since that is where I'm from. I feel like my stats will at least get an interview but I of course could be wrong. Please be brutally honest if I'm incorrect. Could go into more detail but this is the basic outline. Will be visiting the schools soon for some inside info I guess. 

Overall GPA-  3.62

Science GPA- 3.2   (low point)

PCE- around 2100

HCH- 215

Shadowing- around 100ish

Volunteering- 200

Kinesiology major, philosophy minor

Certified EKG tech

Currently GRE studying.



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We can provide insight on if we think you'll get in or not but it is a biased opinion based off our own journey as most of us have never been on an admissions committee. Your stats are average, however I know people who were accepted with those same stats or lower and I also know people who were rejected with the same stats or better. Your science GPA is low and depending on the schools you're interested in your PCE could be considered low as well. I would suggest looking at the admission statistics for the schools you're planning on applying to in order to gauge how you compare and go from there to improve your application.

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