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I'm using RoshReview Boost Exams for my first EOR coming up in five weeks. One exam is family medicine and one is women's health. Does anyone recommend anything other than RoshReview? I'm not interested in large-scale platforms, but rather supplementary materials in addition to Rosh to enhance my learning and success.



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On 11/1/2021 at 8:37 PM, Delanie said:

I know this is late but I was wondering how you thought rosh prepared you for those exams? How were they?

I think Rosh Review is a useful resource; after each question you get a breakdown with pertinent pearls and an explanation regarding why the other answers weren't correct.  I especially like the fact that there's an iPhone app, as I can easily do questions during downtime at my rotation sites or even in between sets at the gym.  I've been using a combination of Rosh Review + SmartyPANCE + PANCE Prep Pearls and have been scoring above the national average on all my EORs thus far, so that's what works for me.  Good luck!

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I only used Rosh and passed the EORs with scores that didn’t make me worry I might fail the next EOR. I believe they actually have a money back guarantee, but don’t quote me on it. Most of my classmates also bought a subscription and they gave us a group discount.

I agree with @dukkulisurthat the explanation paragraphs are super helpful. Unfortunately I don’t read very quickly and after a long day in the clinic my mind tends to wander. To combat this, I used a text-to-speech program to read each explanation paragraph out loud to me. Helped quite a bit.

I also always made an additional exam of all the questions I’d missed to review again before the exam. If I consistently missed questions about a certain concept, I’d make notes about it in a Word doc and review it again before test time.

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