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Have those that graduated in recent years (approx 2-3 years) been able to find good-paying jobs?

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Hi there,

I'm a paramedic from Canada who is considering going to the US for PA school. However, before I invest a lot of money and energy to this, I would like to find out people's experiences with finding work. I've been getting some mixed messages online regarding the job prospects and the expected salary. On the one hand, I've been seeing that job prospects are supposed to increase by about 30% from 2019-2029 but then I hear that some people are frustrated that they can't find work (and perhaps good pay too). So I would like to know what those that graduated have dealt with or are dealing with currently when it comes to the job market in the US (and if you have stories of looking abroad I would also appreciate those)! Also, if you have any knowledge or info about future job prospects, please mention that as well. 

Thanks in advance,



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I have students all the time and it comes down to this: everyone can get A job, but not always where they want, doing what they want, or for the money they want. 2 out of 3 isn't bad. you want to do EM in san francisco for 150k/yr?

you can probably find EM in Wyoming for 150k/yr or urology in San Francisco for 150/yr or urgent care in san Francisco for 95/yr. 

It really is a matter of distribution. The farther afield you are willing to travel, the greater your opportunities. To have the scope of practice I want I have 4 clinical jobs. The closest is 75 min from home, the farthest is 3 hrs. I could work every day of the month if I wanted. I could make more money and walk to work if I was willing to do low acuity fast track or UC at my neighborhood hospital. I am not willing to give up a good scope of practice. I have done that before and hated my jobs and my life. never again. 

As a Canadian, I would seriously consider going to med school. There are some great programs there and the tuitions are reasonable. If you have any doubt about PA go MD. 

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Let’s just leave it at: it’s not as easy as it used to be, the outstanding PA growth stats probably won’t reach fruition, the pay has generally gotten worse, and it’s much more difficult to land a ‘decent’ job as a new grad. I truly believe the 2:3 pillars (location, salary, specialty) is a thing of the past, more or less you get 1:3. But that’s just my opinion.

Also EMED, we had this convo before. I can’t fathom a new grad getting paid 150k in the ED in Wyoming. Again, I was offered 72k start in Sheridan 2 years ago and have trouble comprehending twice that in any adjacent city.

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