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LOR sent for resubmission??

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Very confusing situation... today when I was looking at my applications, I noticed that one of my LORs no longer said complete, but it went back to the accepted stage pending completion? I scrolled through my CASPA notifications and surely enough it says "CASPA Evaluation Received 5/18" for the same reference that no longer says complete? When I contacted my reference she said she had received an email to resubmit? Has anyone ever ran into this? I am unsure of how long the letter was no longer provided to schools, but I am worried some schools may have reviewed my app without this letter... 

Very bizarre situation.. 

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I had a similar situation and of course zero help from CASPA after trying to contact them. Luckily it was one of my former program directors who I have a very good relationship with. He reached out to me to inform me of the email from CASPA. He resubmitted the evaluation but I agree as posted above, I would have liked to be able to give him a heads up that it was coming. I believe CASPA has been having a large amount of technical difficulties this cycle. 

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