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Best Locums Company

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I can't speak to the best though I have used several over the years. Barton and Associates always treated me well. 

I can tell you to be doubtful of just about everything a locums company says. They have a contract for x dollars an hour and the cheaper they get you the more they put in their pocket. They will lie. They will say things like "I'll have to se if the customer will go that high" when they already have a contract.

Once I was entertaining the idea of getting a big RV and just traveling around doing locums work and a recruiter said "that would be really cool because we wouldn't have to pay you lodging!" yea... the 200k diesel pusher is just free to all of us.

If you are well connected you can be your own locums company. I did for a few years. Create a company, get a good accountant, and start selling your ass. You can undercut agencies because you have very little overhead, pick your own jobs (when you are established), and all the profit is yours.

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