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Hello all,


I recently recieved a message from a recent MWU applicant (and subsequently an email notification of the message) which reminded me of the amazing benefit that PA Forums had for me in my application and schooling process. I'm currently a MWU student about to graduate this coming August 30th and am dumbfounded by how quickly the last 27 months have passed.


The only reason I'm writing is to let anyone that might care know that I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have in regards to the profession, PA education, or MWU as a university. I really enjoyed utilizing PA forums for it's outstanding benefit, but rotations have limited any time I might be able to have on here. I hope you all are doing well and studying hard!!



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Hey guys,


Wanted to get a quick opinion on my credentials:


I graduated with a degree in Finance and have been working full-time in the field since 2008. I've always loved medicine and healthcare, but was unsure on a path. Was introduced to PA profession by Doctor about 3 years ago. Began to research the field as well as set up shadowing opportunities. I fell in love immediately and have been trying to accumulate hours ever since. I am still working in Finance so that I can save up and not take out as much in loans (if I get in). Over the past 2.5 years, I have been using my vacation days, weekends, and nights to shadow a PA and a Surgeon to accumulate close to 1000 hours (I haven't slept much). I have been completing my prereqs at night and on weekends as well. Just wanted to see what others think since I don't have any HCE, but have put in a large number of shadowing hours where I witnessed countless surgeries, patient interaction, as well as helping out with vitals and sutures. More stats below:


Undergrad: DePaul, Finance Post: Community College

Overall GPA: 3.3

Science GPA: 3.9

GRE: 154 Verb 156 Quant 4 Writing

Shadowing: 926 hours (still shadowing, so should be higher if granted an interview)


I know that it is highly competitive and reading through this forum I have seen people with impressive credentials (intimidating is the better word).


Any feedback, whether harsh or positive, is welcome.

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I would strongly suggest that you discontinue the shadowing and begin to accrue direct, hands-on patient care experience. No additional shadowing is going to make a difference at this point, and you should be able to find a role that will allow you to work during those hours when you are currently shadowing.

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