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Dismissed from US MD school looking for guidance

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Looking for some guidance on this thread. I was dismissed from a US MD school last year for academic performance. I was a second year medical student who failed two courses infectious disease and neurology and did not pass the makeup exams which led to my dismissal from medical school. I am also in the appeal process of trying to get readmitted for the class this fall to repeat the second year of medical school. I realize there are no guarantees. I was advised to get a lawyer or switch professions entirely. 


I am strongly considering pursuing different careers in healthcare such as AA and PA. How badly does a dismissal from a US MD school impact my application to these other professions? I notice there are questions on the application about this matter as well as reporting of transcripts….

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Unfortunately, I think your application would be a red flag at many places.  It's probably time for you to think through what went wrong in medical school and move on to something that you'd like to do and would be good at. As my later Mother used to say, "When God closes one door, He opens another."

Good luck to you.

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I'm going to be honest because I don't see how being anything different helps you.

The ONLY way I see you even having a chance at gaining acceptance to PA school is if you are able to identify what went wrong during MD school and convey how you have responded, and therefore corrected that issue.  Even then I think the chances are thin...and you likely would have a better chance at being readmitted to MD school than gaining acceptance to PA school because to have you readmitted to MD school and graduate removes the negative statistic they have to report to any prospective students in the future.

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