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20 hours ago, EMT2PA5886 said:

Congratulations to everyone who has been invited for an interview.  Has anyone received an interview invite recently.  I applied a bit late, mid July. I'm starting to lose hope, as Radford is my top choice. 

I haven’t heard anything back and I was verified and finished everything mid July as well

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On 9/8/2021 at 2:50 PM, EMT2PA5886 said:

Congratulations to everyone who has been invited for an interview.  Has anyone received an interview invite recently.  I applied a bit late, mid July. I'm starting to lose hope, as Radford is my top choice. 

I attended an information session for the program and the presenter said that interviews range from September to January. Don't lose hope! There is still plenty of time. 

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1 hour ago, adrismadri said:

For those that interviewed on the 10th, what was the general flow and interview style? Not asking for anything specific, just wanna know was it group, duration, stuff like that 😁 

Their FAQ page says there is an individual interview followed by a group interview. Trying to figure out if this is still the case with it being online. 

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2 hours ago, adrismadri said:

For those that interviewed on the 10th, what was the general flow and interview style? Not asking for anything specific, just wanna know was it group, duration, stuff like that 😁 

When you log on the faculty will introduce themselves and present a brief presentation about the program. After that is over, the group + individual interviews begin after a short virtual tour. For our session, the group interview was before the individual. They space it out enough that there is a lot of time for Q&A. The interview invite email will repeat all of that!

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3 hours ago, ponds said:

Just got rejected. No interview invite. Sucks because they were one of my in state schools I thought id get at least an interview at. Good luck all.

I’m so sorry! It never feels good to hear that. I’m sure that you’ll hear from other schools soon. Good luck with your other applications and interviews!

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      Hi! I am a second year pre-PA student. I am currently working as a PT aide for my patient care experience, and I really love it! The PTs I work with are great and I love the patients. Because of this I've recently considered switching to PT, and would want to do pediatric or neonatal PT. However, I greatly prefer the science of medicine over kinesiology/anatomy, which is primarily what PT focuses on. I have started shadowing a PA and I decided that outpatient is not really for me because I would like more hands-on experience. My ideal PA specialty is neonatal/working in the NICU or OBGYN, but I am not sure how many opportunities for PAs there are in those fields. I really love the medicine that comes with being a PA, but I also love the abundance of patient interaction and guaranteed hands on experience that comes with being a PT. I am just wondering what anyone's perspectives are on my situation.
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      Part of the challenge is to discover what new information we can learn and decide how we will assimilate this information. How can we restructure our lives to enjoy our loved ones, our spouses, our children, and our grandchildren? How can we build a hedge of protection around our family unit? What is available for us in order to fulfill this desire to restart? We are in desperate need of metamorphosis from tired, overworked healthcare providers in the midst of an international pandemic; from defending and securing our own rights and responsibilities, to making changes in what we consume, to how many hours we work, and last but not least, looking at our personal life and caring for our own needs and that of our families. We must be revitalized by proper sleep patterns; we need to focus on the most important thing in our lives which must include family time and vacation. We need to focus on our families and create ethical, moral, conscientious, and sensitive humans who will eventually care for us and our planet in this ‘twinkling of the eye’ called the future. “There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children… one is roots and the other is wings,” Stephen Covey.

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      Hi! I’m a second yr pre- PA student and I’m wanting to go into neonatology and was just wondering if there are any PAs working in that field in the DFW area? I’m wanting to move there in the future for family and am just wanting to get a feel for the job outlook. Thanks! 
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      Hello World,
      I've been struggling so hard with picking a major. I'm in my first semester of University and I just decided I want to go Pre-Pa. I was talking to a family friend who is a PA to see what he would think is best for me to go into for a major. He mentioned computer science and it got me thinking. They make lots of money and given that the metaverse is an up and coming innovation there will be a lot of computer science careers out there. Also, there was a thought of psychology which has a lot of the pre reqs I would need for PA School the only problem is the job outlook for psychology majors isn't that good. My main problem is which one would look better for getting into PA school. It's my dream to become a Aesthetics Derm PA and I don't want a simple "wrong" pick of a major get in the way of my dream. Let me know your experiences and what you guys think.
      Thank you!
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      My name is Mahlia, this is my 3rd time applying to UW and first time being invited to interview.
      I would love to get to know some of my future peers and fellow interviewees through this forum. I was also wondering what the interview experience was like for those who interviewed last year via zoom. Was a same small group interview style used? Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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