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Retaking prerequisites

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Does anyone think I should consider retaking any of these prerequisites? 

General Biology I: C

General Biology I Lab: B

General Biology II: B-

General Biology II Lab: B

General Chemistry I: B+

General Chemistry I Lab: B+

General Chemistry II: C+

General Chemistry II Lab: C

Human Anatomy and Physiology I: B

Human Anatomy and Physiology II: A

Microbiology: A

Microbiology Lab: A

Mammalian Physiology: B+ 

Overall: 3.11

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Hey! Saw this and thought I'd offer some advice, I'm definitely not an expert and have never been on an admissions committee, but I did struggle with my undergrad GPA, applied last cycle, and am currently in PA school! 

The only class I'd recommend you should maybe retake would be general chemistry II. I say this with a grain of salt because I also had a C in general chemistry II and retook it only to receive a C+, which really is not much of an improvement. With that being said, if you truly believe you'll be able to get at least a B or better by retaking (I'm talking sit in the front row, take the class solo to dedicate all your time to it, become BFF's with the professor) then don't waste your time. 

My real suggestion would be to take more science oriented classes!! Nursing or biologically based genetics (if you think you can do well), nutrition, neuroscience, physics 1 (challenging but doable if you take a light courseload), an EMT class, pathophysiology, medical terminology (this is a huge requirement for PA schools if you haven't taken it already). It seems you've gotten through most of the hard stuff, now it's time to boost that GPA with some more medically based classes! B's are okay, and I wouldn't waste your time retaking biology I since you did okay in biology II. 

Feel free to message me with any questions! 

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