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Ultrasound technologist wanting to go to school to be a PA

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Hi everyone,

I’m an ultrasound technologist with over 22 years experience. I’m registered in OB/GYN, breast and abdomen. Recently one of the radiologists I work with suggested to me that I should become a PA. I’ve always wanted to take the next step in my career and becoming a PA would be that next great step. 
My background:

I graduated from an ultrasound program in 1999, I took all necessary pre-reqs at a community college to enter the ultrasound program and I was just a few credits shy of an associates. What will I need to complete before even considering applying to a PA school. I’m also in Connecticut so any recommendations for local school is appreciated. 

Thank you so much!

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If you don't have a bachelors then that's the first step. Then whatever pre requisites you do have done generally have, but not always, a 7-10 year expiration. Then GRE/PA-CAT if needed.

Then apply via CASPA. Also, generally if the pre requisites were not for "pre med" students then alot of places will not accept them (but not always the case).

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Hi!  Nice to see another sonographer wanting to advance their career in becoming a PA.  I, too, have an extensive background as a cardiac sonographer with 11 years experience (graduated the ultrasound program in 2010) and currently applying to PA school.  

The prerequisites you have completed years ago may be old for admission purposes depending on the program you are applying to.  This was my case and I had to retake basically all the science prerequisites over.  Some programs allow prerequisites to be as old as 10 years but many have a 5 to 7 year cut off date on them.  This is something you'll have to research for yourself which can be easily done by going to the program's page.  Retaking these classes and earning good grades will also be helpful for GPA purposes.

Also, if you do not have a bachelor degree, you'll need that.  Finding an undergraduate degree that comprises of those core science prerequisites would be smart.  GRE or PA-CAT are required sometimes depending on the PA program you apply to.  

Good luck 🙂

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