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Rough Draft . please critique.

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Hello everbody

This is still in its early stages I just wanted some feedback of anything else I should include or any advice. Thank you in advance!


Last year my grandfather was admitted to the hospital due to respiratory complications related to Parkinson’s disease.During the months that he was a patient, I had the opportunity to observe the role of the Physician Assistant. This led to the realization that I would one day like to play an active role in diagnosing and caring for the sick. As achild, I was always curious about medicine and how the body functions. As I grew older, I became fascinated with the symptoms and treatment of diseases. Biology and anatomy classes deepened my understanding of the human body; this has motivated me to continue my studies in this field. During the many hours I sat with my grandfather I utilized the time to research his medication and relate it to my classes. Learning about the human body and its interactions with drugs - and then seeing it in action at the hospital - left a lasting impression on me.

Motivated by my discoveries, I began shadowing a Physician Assistant at an urgent care center. It was fascinating to watch the PA drain an abscess and prescribe MRSA-fighting medication, as I had just learned about this particular strain of bacteria in my microbiolog yclass. It was stimulating to learn about medical terminology and then relate it to practice. A strong ability of mine is being able to build my knowledge base by taking information from various sources and relating it all to each other. This trait is crucial when analyzing symptoms in order to make diagnosis. As the saying goes, “A true diagnosis is half the cure.”


Above all, the main responsibility of any health care professional is to be able to apply his medical knowledge in a kind and compassionate way. Once, during my shadowing experience, I witnessed the PA gently explain to a young boy procedural details as he drew his blood,thus allowing the boy to feel relaxed and knowledgeable about the situation. I learned that education alone cannot replace an empathetic bedside manner; a truly successful PA needs to seamlessly combine both qualities to give his patients the best care possible.

Leading a healthy lifestyle has also improved my understanding and appreciation of the human body. To clear my mind during intense study periods, I often go for runs in my neighborhood. I have also raised funds and participated in two 5K marathons within the last year. Furthermore,I am an executive member of Touro’s Student Health SciencePre-Professional Society, which arranges community blood drives, speakers, and meetings to familiarize students with the various health care professions. I recognize the challenges that will come with attending graduate school.However, I strongly believe that with my passionate drive and excitement about the subject, further education will allow me to realize my true calling.

Sitting with my grandfather for thosemany hours allowed me to experience the daily routine of life in a hospital.The crucial role that Physician Assistants play became apparent and I realized that this is a career path that I am truly excited to embark on.

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