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21 hours ago, aha1991 said:

Wondering if anyone else has run into this - 

The website says you can apply with an outstanding prerequisite as long as they're done by May 15th of the enrollment year.  That being said, in the last email I received it states that my application won't be forwarded for faculty review until I update them that I have completed the one outstanding prerequisite.  

I suggest emailing them in case of a mistake.

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Does anyone wants to weigh-in on the school statistics here? Both their pance rate and attrition rate is getting worse over time. The attrition rate is somewhat concerning with trend of 7%, 10% and now 14%. Recent pance rate is 91%. 

These are required benchmarks from the accrediting body and I doubt one can get the full gist of the situation even when you talk to the students. 

I'm having a cold feet applying here let alone going but I will reevaluate.  




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