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Submitting Transcripts for Dropped Class

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HI everyone! So I am hoping to submit my CASPA application by the 15th in order to still be in the "early" window. I have unfortunately ran into a problem, however. 

During my fall 2017 semester of undergrad, I enrolled in anatomy and physiology I at the state institution I was attending. I was unable to enroll in the lab for the class at my home institution, so I enrolled to take it online at my local community college instead. I quickly realized it was pretty asynchronous to the class at my home institution (and it was difficult to travel between the two campuses) so after the first exam, I decided to call advising and have it dropped. They assured me it would be dropped and I lived my life like I wasn't taking the course.

Fast-forward to now, I wasn't sure whether or not I'd need to submit a transcript to CASPA for the community college, so I called to confirm that the course withdrawal was not visible on my transcript because the drop was within the first six weeks. Low and behold, the course was never dropped and since I only ever took the first exam, I got an F in the class. I immediately contacted student affairs and they are reviewing my case, but I am unsure of whether or not they will retroactively drop it.

That being said, should I go ahead and upload my current transcript with the grade reflection and hope to explain myself to ADCOMS through supplemental/secondary application essays? I was nearly a straight A student at my home institution, have straight A's in the anatomy and phys lectures and A&P lI lab, and straight A's in all of my other pre-reqs, so I would hope they could see this as a weird anomaly instead of an academic reflection of myself. Would it be best to wait a few more weeks and wait to see if they drop it? Or should I submit my CASPA without adding the community college and add it once this situation is settled (worried about appearing dishonest)?

It'd be one thing if I had already retaken the pre-requisite since then, but I was going to be taking the lab at my home institution in the fall. 

Thank you all for your advice and good luck with applications to my pre-pa persons out there! 

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