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Personal background:

EMS/ER tech 2 yrs prior to PA school

Masters degree: Surgical Assisting: 1 yr experience of first assist surgical with EVH, vascular, open/laparoscopic cases, plastics, ortho, OB/GYN etc...(Eastern VA Medical School offers a 22-month SA program, after receiving this degree, I had more interest in the medical aspect vs just OR all day/everyday) very confident with procedures as I do not need any surgical training.

Just graduated with MPA, officially PA-C as of last week. Wanted EM, but due to covid, I have yet to get any call back for interview as no one is hiring new graduates at the moment.

I have an offer with a vascular surgeon at a minimally invasive vascular private practice:


$113K base salary plus the opportunity to add up to $30K/yr for procedures billed/performed. (will be asking how easy/time frame of obtainability)

M-Th without call: 40h/week. M: Consult/new pt days, T-Th: procedure days

2 weeks PTO plus holidays off

4 paid sick leave days

2 paid CME days (CME credit not given)

Malpractice covered (tail coverage not mentioned, will be asking about tail)

50/50 healthcare/dental premiums 

DEA, license, scrubs/white coat, all fees covered

401K not offered (my only red flag here, I would have to contribute myself, I was going to counter-offer, but unsure of how much more I should ask for, or if countering is worth it with what they are offering.

I will also ask about covering fees for ACLS/BLS and CME credit since it was not mentioned, and how obtainable the bonuses are.

This offer gives me the opportunity to live at my number one location. I am hoping to moonlight at an urgent twice/month so I do not pigeonhole myself into a narrow sub-speciality and lose my medical knowledge.

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