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Practice agreement limitations

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Hello! I am looking into the laws and regulations of being a PA and just my main question is about the practice agreement between PAs and SP‘s. How much does the agreement limit PAs? 

Also during Covid I know it was an issue that PAs were limited to help Covid patients in some states due to their SP‘s and that they couldn’t go help in emergency medicine if they were working in a specialty like cardiology.  But could they have just simply applied to a hospital in their state and worked in both specialties since PAs can moonlight? 

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Limitations can come from many sources:

  • State laws and regulations: these set absolute barriers on what PA's can and can't do.  They also vary from state to state.  I'm licensed in 3 states and they have different rules about prescribing, procedural sedation, EMS direction, etc.
  • Facility regulations: hospitals and other health care systems can set rules about what PA's can & can't do, e.g. through their credentialing processes.
  • Supervisory agreements: the individual SP or physician practice can set limits.

Yes, PA's can have multiple jobs, and be allowed to different things based on what those jobs are.

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