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I have an interview next week, Aug. 9th, and I'm really excited but nervous at the same time. Can anyone give me advice on how to be prepared for the interview? I've went over and over possible questions, but worried it's not enough. And if anyone has interviewed, do you know of any possible questions they may ask? Thanks!

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They'll ask you about yourself and try to get to know you. Don't worry about preparing your answers because you'll sound too practiced. It's a very relaxed interview process. I would say know why you want to be a PA and think of a few questions to ask about their program. Other than that just relax and be yourself. I know everyone says it, but it really is all you can do. I was so stressed over different questions (what's the difference between PA or NP, why don't you want to be a doctor, etc) but I don't even remember them asking any of those questions. It was a very informal interview and was more of a conversation than them grilling you. They seem like very down-to-earth people and I can't wait to start in January! Good luck!!!

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I just finished interviewing with the July 18/19 group and got accepted so I thought I would give some advice!


It's true what everyone says. This interview is so laid back. They really aren't there to stress you out but to get to know you better and to make sure you get to know them better.


The interview session was such a great experience. I really love the faculty.

The interview is "behavioral" meaning that instead of asking you hypothetical questions they ask you questions based on past experiences. I had interview questions such as what do i consider my biggest mistake and do i regret it, describe an interpersonal conflict and how did i resolve it, knowing that this is a rigorous program what do i plan to do for fun, describe a situation where I had to adapt.....questions like that. If you google it you should find plenty of practice questions on behavioral type interviews.


Anyway, the interview is set up where on the first day it's pretty casual. We talked with financial aid, housing, and learned what the program consisted of. Then we went on a historical tour of savannah which was super neat. After that we had dinner with first year students which definitely calmed all of us down. By talking with the current students we got helpful hints about our interviewers which you find out early on the first day.


The second day was formal interviews obviously, but it was so relaxing because we weren't sitting by ourselves and working ourselves up to be nervous, but instead the first year students came again and just hung out with us until literally right before our interview. It really is laid back. Don't worry about it, have fun, and be yourself. I think it's so important to just be yourself. I personally didn't practice much for it, rather I thought of different things I wanted to make sure they knew about me, and then incorporated it into the answer. There was another applicant I interviewed with who had everything so memorized, it felt kind of not genuine if you know what I mean? Just be yourself and you'll do great!


You have a three part interview..kind of...a 30 minute "not an interview" with the program director, and then two 30 minute interviews with two different faculty. The "not an interview" isn't scored or anything but rather you just getting to know the director and seeing if the program is a fit for you. He likes you to ask questions so think of some! They make it a priority that it isn't just you wanting to get into the program, but you being happy there because they are investing in you.


Good luck!!


I hope that helps some of you guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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