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Just curious to see what some other people think. So I graduated 4 years ago from Millsaps College (of course, Miss College rival school) with a B.S. in Biology. I also lettered four years at Millsaps playing Division III football. My GPA was a 2.7 (i know, not good), which I worked up to a 3.0 by taking post-bac biology and chemistry classes at UAB (I'm originally from Alabama). I maintained a 3.3 during my post-bac career. I started graduate school (Master's of Public Health - Epidemiology) at UAB and through 5 classes I have maintained a 3.6. I have been working at UAB Hospital Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a Patient Care Technician for the last two years (total clinical hours = 4014.25). I shadowed two different Anethesiologist for 52 hours apiece (104 hours total) through Millsaps Medical Mentorship program as well as a Health Careers Development Internship at University Miss Medical Center through Millsaps (30 hours). I have over 50 hours of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (for the April 27th tornado victims here in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa) and did a little research with my genetics teacher at Millsaps (looked at DBF4 and disruption of the cell cycle for cancer progression). Barring I don't just bomb the GRE, what do you think my chances are for getting into the Miss College PA program? I seriously almost went there after Millsaps to do their Biology Medical Sciences program. Just looking for some honest opinions.. thanks!

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Based on the information provided, I would say that your chances of getting an interview are pretty good. From there, it is up to you. Half of the seats are set aside for Mississippi Residents. This means that, if you are a MS resident, your odds are much better. If you can make it to one of our information sessions we will be glad to look over your transcripts and application and give you some pointers.


By the way, congratulations to Millsaps on winning the backyard brawl this year (just wait until next year.)


I hope to see you soon,


Dr. Philpot

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